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As well as its regular activities, The Neuquén Symphony Orchestra also participates in a range of educational programmes designed to encourage and develop the aesthetic, artistic and social consciousness of the community. Since they are aware of the best interests and needs of the community, they establish links with schools and other institutions in Neuquén city and province. This work has led to:
- Regular Open rehearsals, organized especially for primary school students. Here, students are able to interact with the musicians, look closely at the instruments, and listen to pieces included in the symphonic repertoire. They can also experience music and different sounds and share the dynamics and atmosphere of an orchestra.
- Concerts performed in schools. These performances are thought of as didactic concerts. During the 2009 season, the orchestra gave performances in schools in the cities of Neuquén, El Chocón, Vista Alegre, San Martín de los Andes, El Chañar and Loncopué.
- Concerts for children, especially designed for the younger ones.
- Interaction with educational institutions and other similar organizations. It keeps an open line of communication with Neuquén´s Music School. Its teachers and students have special access to concerts and rehearsals. Several works of composers, also teachers at the school, have been played. Links with the Patagonian Foundation from General Roca city, Río Negro province, have also been developed.
- The "Esto es Ritmo" project, which works together with Neuquén´s School of Contemporary Dance, deserves special mention. Around one hundred teenagers from different secondary schools in the city, without any previous artistic training, rehearse choreography during the school year. This choreography is thought up by teachers of the Dance School. The actual performance includes students dancing in costumes, lights on stage, and The Neuquén Symphony Orchestra playing live. The 3rd project of this type was put on in the 2009 season.
- Shared musical activities, especially with the "Coro Provincial de Niños" (Provincial Children´s Choir), the Banda Provincial Infanto-Juvenil "(Children and Junior Provincial Band) and the "Orquesta Infanto-Juvenil de Cutral-Có" (Cutral-Có Children and Junior Orchestra). The rehearsals and concerts have a highly educative value and provide an undeniable musical richness that is shared by professional musicians, children, and young learners alike.
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fotografías: Jorge A. Cáceres y Mike Mercau
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