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Orquesta Sinfonica del Neuquen
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The Neuquén Symphony Orchestra, which is supported by the "Fundación Banco Provincia del Neuquén" (Neuquén Province Bank Foundation), was created in 2000. It is the only professional orchestra in Patagonia and is also the southernmost in the world. Its aim is to play a part in social development by means of high quality music, at a local, regional, national and international level. The orchestra is constantly involved in concerts, tours, opening nights, and collaborates with different cultural institutions, allowing audiences to discover the great composers of worldwide music. The members of the orchestra are on average 28 years old, and they represent several different Argentinian provinces. Maestro Andrés Tolcachir is their chief conductor.
This important cultural activity has constant support from the Provincial Government of Neuquén. This guarantees both the continuity of the orchestra´s cast and the development of concerts taking place in Neuquén city, tours within its province and performances in other areas of the country.
During the 2009 season the Orchestra put on its own series of concerts in Neuquén´s "Teatro Español’ (Spanish Theatre), and toured around the province and the Alto Valle area. It also performed for a large crowd in an open-air concert on the banks of the Limay River. It also collaborated with the Armonicus Association and travelled to Buenos Aires in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Argentinian Mozarteum Noon Concerts.
During the 2008 season, the Orchestra played in 43 concerts. It participated in three presentations of the Armonicus Association (representative of the Argentinian Mozarteum in Neuquén) with the soloists Julia Botchkovskaia (Russia), Stanimir Todorov (Bulgaria) and Eugenia Fuente (Argentina). It performed with Giuseppe Albanese in Neuquén and Zapala, thanks to the support of “Latina”, an Italian Government programme. It opened the Llao-Llao Music Week in Bariloche, went on numerous tours around the province and performed with the National Polyphonic Choir for the Blind. Its inclusion of 4 new works by Argentinian composers and its tribute to Alberto Ginastera contributed towards the spread of Argentinian music. It performed with the pianists Miguel Ángel Barcos and Emilio Peroni. It took part in social initiatives in Plaza Huincul and other cities in Neuquén province, such as playing concerts with the "Orquesta Infanto-Juvenil de Cutral-Có (Cutral-Có Children and Junior Orchestra), and taking part in the project “Esto es ritmo” (This is rhythm) with Neuquén´s School of Contemporary Dance.
In previous seasons the orchestra toured around both the "Alto Valle’ region and Chile. It participated in the opening concerts of 3 rounds of Music Week in Llao-Llao, the third of which was broadcasted to the whole country on channel 7 "La television pública’ ( public television). It performed in Buenos Aires in the "Gran Rex Theatre’, playing Beethoven´s 9th Symphony. It also played the "Cosi fan tutte’ and "Don Giovani’ operas. Various soloists have played with the orchestra: Rafael Gintoli, Bruno Gelber, Horacio Lavandera, Paula Peluso, Claudio Baraviera, Xavier Inchausti, Juárez Johnson, Roberto Reggio, Claudio Albornoz, José Bondar, Luis Roggero, Noe Inui along with members of their own orchestras. The following conductors have been invited as guest conductors: Ligia Amadio, Nicolas Rauss, Daniel Hattaway, Juan José García Caffi, Roberto Reggio, Daniel Schapiro, Pablo Sobrino, Fabricio Danei, Salvador Sebastiá López, Mario Benzecry and Juan Carlos Cuacci amongst others.

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